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The Hidden Mystery Behind the Basic Health Guidelines

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Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we were given a user’s manual for ourselves when we were born? It would contain all the information about intended use, features and accessories, maintenance and repair, and even safety warnings. That would be nice. However, since we aren’t high performance, luxury vehicles, our programming is a little different. In fact, our bodies will perform much better than luxury vehicles with the proper maintenance and care. So the big question is, how do we care for ourselves?

If you are reading this, and already know me, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Basic Health Guidelines. I use them all the time in my practice and they are the backbone of everything that I do. Essentially, they are the user’s manual for being a human. So, why all the hidden mystery? Really, there isn’t any mystery, but they can still seem foreign and sometimes strange. These guidelines have been crafted over the last 50-70 years by doctors who have created predictable results. My goal is to bring this information to the American people to give them a way to address the cause of their health problems. Through better understanding of how to take care of yourself I know you can create a better life with predictable health outcomes.


What are the Basic Health Guidelines?

What the heck are these guidelines then?  Simply put, the Basic Health Guidelines are a method used to identify and treat the cause of disease. They help to identify our decision making process through the choices we make around our health. This includes our nutrition and movement decisions as well as choices when it comes to sleep and other basic routines. It also helps to identify adverse reactions to our choices. When we change the way we live in the world, we feel that change within us. If we go back to the way we used to live, we find adverse reactions in areas we didn’t experience in the past. Our bodies will no longer tolerate the abuse we previously put them through. By following the Basic Health Guidelines, you should expect to see improvement relatively quickly. 


The best and most predictable way to see change is establish a plan with a routine. The Basic Health Guidelines are your plan. But a plan with our application is worthless, and so too are the Basic Health Guidelines unless they are applied. For instance, the user manual for the luxury vehicle is only useful, not if it is read, but the information is applied to properly maintaining and caring for the car. So too must the Basic Health guideline be applied in order to be helpful. Building them into your daily routine elicits a predictable and prompt response when looking to restore your health. 


Basic Health Guideline

I want to share with you 10 of the items I’ve included in the Basic Health Guidelines (BHG),

  1. Prioritize Sleep. Time for our body to reset and heal and is immensely important to our health. 
  2. Movement. Exercise is a fundamental pillar of health and doesn’t have to be a bad word!
  3. Nutrition. The other fundamental pillar of health is the food we put in our body. 
  4. Daily Hydrotherapy. Using water to heal is an essential part of being a human. 
  5. Castor Oil Packs. An ancient remedy that has a wide usage with contemporary applications.
  6. Breathing. Obviously we do this all the time, but are we doing it right?
  7. Bitters. They taste unusual but can improve our digestion if used the right way. 
  8. Oil Pulling. Another ancient remedy that has benefits beyond what you might think. 
  9. Dry Skin Brushing. Simple and effective, with a wide array of benefits.
  10. Targeted Supplementation. Quality products targeted to address specific pathways of dysfunction are vital to restoring health. I have personally formulated the specific nutrients needed in the Basic Health Guideline to begin addressing the cause of disease. Check out my new store here, and see the difference. 

The Basic Health Guideline is an actionable plan that is the beginning of one-on-one care with me to help address the underlying cause of health problems. Follow me on Instagram to continue to educate yourself as I will be discussing this more in detail there. If what you’re doing is not working to improve your health, this is the proven alternative. It’s exciting to start this journey and now that you have a better understanding of what’s under the hood, it’ll be good to get out there and see the performance. 

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