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Recorded Castor Oil Webinar

Join Dr.Buttler for a recorded webinar on castor oil and brain health.

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Recorded Castor Oil Webinar

Join Dr.Buttler for a recorded webinar on castor oil pack therapy and inflammation.

I am ready to learn more

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Dr. Buttler's 'Food As Medicine Plan'

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Recovery- a return to a optimal state of health, mind and strength


Similar to a home remodel, there is a formula on how to fix your health. It takes effort, time and resources but the outcome is one of a kind. You are one of a kind. Get your power back by recovering your health, mind and strength.


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"Dr. Buttler has taught me that only I can change my life. It is the most empowering lesson I have learned. What Dr. Buttler can do is offer the tools, support and wisdom for understanding and applying this lesson..."


"Dr. Jesse is unlike any Dr you will ever go to. He is compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental. He explains how everything effects your health and how it all ties together. He supports your wins and your setbacks and never makes you feel like you failed..."


"I have learned so much with Dr. Buttler’s help. I would recommend Dr. Buttler to anyone. He is kind, professional and genuinely cares for each of his patients. He really takes a great deal of time to figure out a precise treatment plan for each individual..."


"Dr. Jesse Butler is a very knowledgeable physician. He will address your every concern and will be your teacher throughout the process. I recommend him to anyone who is willing to learn and to change..."


"He has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of treatment options for conditions that other doctors could only offer pharmaceuticals or surgery. He understands the total body concept of wellness and has always been very compassionate. Overall, I am very pleased with the treatment programs that he has offered, the attention that I receive from his staff, and the atmosphere at his office. Five stars on all counts!!"


"I felt that he listened to what I had to say and gave me feed back about why I had the symptoms I did. He used some different treatments than my other doctors but what ever they are, they really seem to be working. I feel great and would recommend Dr. Buttler to anyone who wants to start feeling better."

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