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What to expect

Recovering your health is a challenging process. You are going to be asked to make choices and decisions that can feel quite intimidating. It will take effort and persistence. But, can you imagine what it will feel like to be out of pain, to have the energy you want, to be free of your symptoms that are consuming your life? It is common to have hesitations. It is common to believe that nothing else can help. That you are stuck in this current pattern. We have lost our ability in this world to put our faith outside the conventional approach. Drugs and surgery have trumped all alternatives. You need to have authority over your health. You need to have an actionable plan that helps you achieve improvement and it needs to be reproducible. 

The one thing Dr. Buttler can guarantees is, if you are willing to change things, things will begin to change. 

That being said, this process is not for everyone. Dr. Buttler asks that you submit an application to become a patient with him. This is an opportunity for him to review your priorities and make sure you are a good fit. Predictable and consistent outcomes are a cornerstone of his approach and he is highly confident in achieving them with you, which requires your full participation. 

The process of treatment that Dr. Buttler uses is much akin to the remodeling of one’s house. He is interested in creating a “blueprint” on how to re-organize and regain function that has been lost due to distress of the environment. Houses are not broke, they can be repaired. You are not broke, you can be repaired. 


What you can expect at the first visit?

The first visit will consist of a thorough review of your past and present medical history and current health concerns. Dr.Buttler does not treat you on the first visit unless you are dealing with an acute health condition (onset of problem within the last 7-10 days).  The first appointment allows him to get an idea of where you are with your current state of health. After obtaining your health history, he will discuss the need for updated blood tests and/or other diagnostics that may be needed. He will only run tests that are absolutely essential to assess your current level of health. Once your history has been obtained and labs have been discussed, you will spend some time discussing the approach he takes in more depth. He will answer any questions you may have and make you feel confident that this is the right direction for you to be going with your health.


What you can expect at your next visit?

This next appointment is termed your Report of Findings. This visit consists of a thorough discussion of your updated labs, records, and other diagnostic reports, as well as Dr. Buttler’s assessment. Dr. Buttler will create a customized treatment plan based on your diagnostic information that he will discuss with you. 


What can I expect on my follow-up visits?

Re-assessment is an important part of your treatment plan. These visits are structured to assess how the implementation of your plan is going. Dr. Buttler has a high expectation for himself to help you create profound results as you execute your plan. As results are created, you and him will discuss how to move from body, to emotion, to mind and then to soul healing.